Special skincare plan for late sleep MM


Special skincare plan for late sleep MM

Midsummer, long days and short nights; work, such as spinning tops, difficult to stop; party banquets, nights and nights are not scattered . Nowadays, there are too many reasons for the words “sleepless all night” and “overnight” as common words in our lives.

The “late-sleeping ethnic group” does add a lot of vitality to the city, but it is a chronic harm to personal health.

Especially for those white-collar workers who sleep intermittently (irregularly) late, replacing and adjusting the biological clock is particularly harmful to health.

In fact, the western labor protection experts start from maintaining the health of employees, so that night shift workers are relatively fixed in a group of people. In this way, through the relative stability of the biological clock, special plans for protecting the physiology can be formulated.

  Late sleep is the enemy of women’s skin. Usually, it is the opposite of folks who “feed by men and sleep by women”.

Occasional night shifts, urban white-collar women who entertain themselves so that they cannot rest according to their normal schedule, should take care of their skin differently from those who sleep normally.

  First, recognize the “dinner” before going to bed late. The late-sleeping group that is being cared for here refers to women who have work or entertainment tasks at their disposal and cannot go to sleep at normal times.

This usually happens, and I knew it before, so I could prepare for “late sleep” rather than “injury.”

It is important to prove that “dinner” before going to bed late.

When the skin does not get enough sleep, there will be excessive loss of nutrients (water, nutrients). Supplementing some foods containing vitamin C or skin protein at dinner will help the skin restore elasticity and gloss.

Plasma collagen foods such as “animal skin”, vitamin C is taken in a large number of fruits, or is taken orally?
2 vitamin C tablets.

Eat less spicy food at dinner to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture in the skin.

Women with sensitive skin should eat as little seafood as possible.

Alcoholic beverages can help us maintain a strong state of mind but greatly reduce the absorption and retention of nutrients in the skin, so as to use as little as possible, and more fresh fruit juice or soy milk, purified water and other appropriate places.

  Second, to give sufficient moisture to the skin, dry skin will appear dry.

In people who sleep late, water loss due to lack of sleep is especially important.

There are two reasons for lack of water: one is environmental factors and the other is improper care.

When staying up late, you should pay attention to keep the indoor air open and have a certain humidity.

If you cannot change the quality of the environment you are in (such as bars, restaurants, factory production lines, etc.), you must pay more attention to care-using an emulsion containing too much moisture and nutrients can not only absorb the skin, but also effectively isolate some of the defectsSkin pollution caused by airborne particles.

  Third, “late sleep” but not “late wash” In general, the skin rest time is at 10:00 in the evening?
Enter the night maintenance status between 11:00.

Normal people at 10:00 in the evening?
11:00 am is the preparation stage before bedtime, physiologically relaxed and quiet, but it is a good time for the skin to absorb nutrients.

If there is a condition for the late-sleeping group, during this time, be sure to perform a skin cleansing and maintenance.

After cleaning with a mild cleanser, the moisturizing moisturizing emulsion is absorbed. In this way, although the skin cannot normally enter sleep in the next stage, it can also receive nutrients and moisture.

If you are in the entertainment, you also need to help you get out and do a simple cleansing makeup. It is the so-called “even if you sleep late, but do not wash late.”

  Fourth, the “sedation” in the hustle and bustle due to lack of sleep, drinking strong tea or coffee, alcohol, etc. to maintain excitement is the method used by late sleepers.

In this way, dark circles, bags under the eyes, and dull skin appear on the face.

Attentive women should know how to cover up tiredness in noisy entertainment or busy work.

Calming the skin is one of the effective ways to eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  1.Conditioned late sleepers can use cotton swabs to drench cold saline to apply pressure to the skin around the eyes.

Tea bags that have been drunk with gauze are also good cooling products.

Late sleepers in the public environment can wet towels, handkerchiefs and other soft cotton fabrics available with running tap water, the cooler the better, and then apply it on the face at the convenience of the toilet, especially twoToes and eyes, retina, about 3?
5 minutes.