Three women in my life

Three women in my life

Tie Jun (a pseudonym) likes to look at you quietly when he speaks. When he expresses the side of his life that he is unlikely to express, he will suddenly stop, as if strange, when he confirms that he really said itWhen he said that, he would smile embarrassedly, and the front was full of honesty.

  In 1981, I met my ex-wife Jin Yun (pseudonym) at the May Fourth Youth Festival party in 1981. When she left my son and left me, we lived together for just over four years.

  When I first met Jin Yun, she was beautiful and elegant. She spoke of an authentic Beijing movie and immediately moved me. At that time, I was young and straightforward, cheerful and generous, and soon caught her attention.

After the party, a group of young people went to the restaurant to continue their play.

Jinyun and I were sitting at different tables, but everyone joked that we were born to pair and forced us to a table.

I looked at her, and she peeked at me, her face flushed, like a peach blossom in full bloom, and we fell in love at first sight.

On the day of love, everything was so beautiful. I picked her up and down to work every day. I put her in the unit. She turned me around and sent me back and forth. The road seemed to be inexhaustible.

One year later we got married and another year our son was born.

In the nest we love, the laughter of adults, the babble of children, and the impact of pots and pans converge into a cheerful symphony of life.

  Tie Jun laughed, it was a better start in his life, but then he sighed loudly, and immediately, he was startled by his sigh.

  However, after life was dull from passion, Jin Yun began to indulge in Mahjong.

She went to work in three shifts. After work, she went straight to the Mahjong room without even saying hello.

At that time, unlike the convenient communication tools now available, I was usually worried about her at home while she was fighting at the poker field.

At that time, I was also young and vigorous. Every time she came back to play cards, I did n’t persuade her, and I did n’t quarrel with her. I quarreled with her, and later, she developed a smashing, a fight, and we lost everything at home.Divorced with anger.

I wanted to change to my current age. I would definitely not be so hasty and certainly tolerant, but at that time because of our youth, we did not understand each other.

Before the age of 29, I divorced and my son followed me.

  It is difficult for a man to lead a life with a three-year-old child if he does not experience it himself.

I remember when I divorced, one night, my son woke up and shouted that his mother wanted to pee, but when I turned on the light, the son saw that it was me, and “Wow” cried out, and he shouted “I want my mother”. At that timeI really feel terrified, tears are falling!

  Tie Jun’s emotions were a little excited: “Speaking in my heart, then some years spent with a child alone, and not talking about the hardships of life. From the heart, I was very lonely, but for the sake of my son, I could bear it!

“Tie Jun lit a cigarette, and seemed to want to break through his thinking and no longer remember the pain and loneliness of decades of life.

  Tangled In August 1998, a good friend of mine went abroad and asked me to take care of the house.

I don’t know, this thing pushed me to the crossroads of life.

Soon after my son and I moved to a friend’s house, a woman named Liu Cui (pseudonym) moved to the opposite door.

She was pregnant, but lived alone.

Later, we gradually became familiar, and I learned that she was a foreigner. Her husband was gambling, and came back and scolded her when she lost her money. She could not bear the abuse. She escaped with a pregnancy alone, and she had no money around her.Life was tough.

I sympathize with her very much, so I often buy vegetables and ask her to help our father and son make it, and let her have a light meal, which is indirectly helping her.

  Soon after encountering the census, Liu Cui was forced to move away, and wrote down my pager number before leaving.

At the end of that year, I received her pager saying that she was about to give birth.

Out of sympathy, I found her by address and put her in a small hospital. She gave birth to a daughter safely.

In confinement, I went to her every day after work because she was unattended. I consciously or unconsciously played the role of a husband.

The son is 16 years old and already very sensible. He said to me: “Dad, you can’t be like this, you can’t get out of the relationship in the future .” But I think I’m learning Lei Feng, and don’t take my son for granted.

  Under my care, Liu Cui’s body recovered quickly.

One day, she suddenly admitted that I said, “I will never leave you in my life. If you leave me, I will die!

“I don’t live in a vacuum. I am a man. I have been alone for so many years after divorce. In the face of a woman who is so attached to me, I cannot refuse.

“Tie Jun said more and more quietly. He lowered his head and kept rubbing his big hands.” Although I was sometimes contradictory, I felt that there would be consequences later, but I was a bit reluctant. Our relationship is that love is not like love, lover.Not like a lover, very awkward . “Over time, I grew older and my son grew up. My friends and colleagues advised me to find a companion as soon as possible.

Liu Cui listened, afraid of losing my backing, and started to make trouble with me. She ran to my house or work unit for two days, making everyone feel restless.

This trouble was two years. I was frustrated by her torment and nervous. She was suffering from coronary heart disease and diabetes.

One time she even broke the iron gate in my house, trying to make a living, and was shocked by 110.  ”Seriously, I don’t know when it will be like this, and my heart is dead.

Had it not been for Jieying (pseudonym), I don’t think I would be here to tell you my story.

Everyone should take life seriously. You play with life, and life will definitely trouble you. I didn’t understand this until I was 46 years old.

“Tie Jun looked at me seriously. He spoke slowly, but he made a noise.

  Jieying is a university teacher. Her husband died 6 years ago. Like me, she lives alone with her son.

We were introduced by friends at the end of 2001.

The first time she met was in Jiefang Park. That day, she was well-dressed. She looked younger than her actual age. She talked more gracefully, a typical image of a knowledgeable woman.

I was completely attracted to her, and she said directly to her at the time: “Mr. Jieying, I fancy you. I wonder if you fancy me. I tell you my mobile phone number. You go back and think about it, and then reply to me!

“” Two days later, I received Jieying’s phone call, haha . “Tie Jun smiled wryly, with deep satisfaction in his body,” Jie Ying is really a good woman, and she is kind to me and my son.

“Tie Jun’s mood was clearly excited.

  Knowing that I had talked with friends, Liu Cui often went to my unit to make troubles, which cost thousands of yuan at a time, and went to more than 30,000 yuan before and after.

I don’t have any savings. All the money was from Jieying.

Finally, Liu Cui finally left.

  In October 2002, Jie Ying urged me to go to the hospital to see if I was looking poor and listless. As a result, I had to be hospitalized because my blood sugar was too high.

I was hospitalized in Hankou, and Jie Ying went to work in Wuchang, but for more than a month when I was in the hospital, Jie Ying gave me soup and meals every day.

After work at noon, in order to hurry, she went home to make two meals after cooking, one for me and one for her on the bus.

After work in the afternoon, she went home to make soup and rushed back to take care of her father and son after being admitted to the hospital.

Every time a meal is delivered, the nurse will say, “26 beds, your lover is here!”

“Patients often say,” You are so blessed to find such a good wife! ”

“Jieying was not good to me, and she took good care of my son.

In order for her son to join the army smoothly, she asked for support after running.

When the son enlisted, she bought everything.

Since his son was young, he had almost no motherly love, but Jieying gave him motherly care.

On the day when my son joined the army, I went with Jie Ying to deliver him. The son handed it to Jie Ying, took my hand, and said to Jie Ying, “Auntie, I don’t know when I will return this step, and Dad will give it to you!

“For so many years, I have experienced too many changes, and Jie Ying treats me so well, but I don’t know how to express my feelings for her.

On Jieying ‘s birthday last year, I used her 3,000 yuan accumulated over the years to buy her a platinum diamond ring. Jieying did n’t expect that I would buy a ring for her, and I was very happy.

  By the end of last year, we had received our marriage certificate and my life was on track.

I never told my story to anyone before, and now it’s easier to tell.

  Tie Jun smiled calmly, and then he looked at me sincerely again and again and again and again and again, “For so many years in the world, until now I understand what love is, and Jie Ying treats me as true to the child.Love, I ca n’t express the feelings for her in my heart, so I came here to tell my stories and feelings over the years, I hope that Jieying can also see that it will be her birthday in a few days, and I take it as a giftA gift for her.

Please also take me as your criterion, and you must take life seriously. I am the best example, but I was lucky to meet Jie Ying.