A vivid patriotic education classes – primary and secondary school principals to visit Hong Kong Exhibition Center in Hong Kong forces Sidelights

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, December 13 – Problem: a vivid patriotic education classes – primary and secondary school principals and Exhibition Center in Hong Kong to visit the troops Sidelights Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhu Xianggang and Liu Mingyang, Xu Shumin at 9:00 on the 13th, facing a winter of round warm sun, the PLA troops in Hong Kong Stonecutters Island barracks ushered in a number of special guests.

"I feel very excited and hope to be able to bring my students come here to see the flag-raising ceremony, the students believe that it touches the hearts and inspire their patriotism.

"Helen Liang Memorial Secondary School (Shatin) president Yang Liping said excitedly after watching the flag-raising ceremony held garrison military honor guard. In the eighth Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day, the Hong Kong Li Yu Suoguan one hundred primary and secondary school principal came Stonecutters Chau barracks, visiting troops and exhibition Center in Hong Kong, and strengthen the country’s national rejuvenation experience the brilliant achievements, in-depth understanding of the glorious history of the people’s army from victory to victory, and to explore ways to strengthen the garrison soldiers Hong Kong Youth patriotic education. troops stationed in Hong Kong exhibition Center opening in July 2021 operation, with a total construction area of square meters, the exhibition area of 6,200 square meters, the exhibition theme of "dream from the East", set up Chinese dream, dream a strong army, Hong Jiang Weishi three theme halls and equipment model display area.

Exhibition integrated use of graphic panels, heritage objects, scenes sculpture, video and other means, efforts to tell a good story of the Communist Party of China, Chinese story, the story of the people’s army.

  Into Force in Hong Kong Exhibition Center, military history, national history History of Time gate slowly opened, vivid display of centuries of struggle the Communist Party of China, the great motherland construction and development achievements and the people’s army fighting glorious history, is Hong Kong’s young people know Shi Aiguo, History of sensible resource bonanza.

With the docents explain carefully, principals slowly into history gallery, sometimes filled with emotion, sometimes awe, sometimes amazed. "I’m really eye-opening trip worthwhile. A lot of precious historical pictures and objects are not seen before." Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School Principals Lidong Qing told reporters that he was most impressed by a few Red Army the story of caring people, very moving. "Cold, the Red Army soldiers preferred to endure cold, himself only a quilt given to cut half of the people. This patriotic mission very moving.

"" Back to school, I would recommend this show to teachers and students. If they see these pictures and models, touching hear those stories, I believe that they feel would be more profound. "Li Dongqing said.

  In models equipped exhibition area, they have picked up a camera, aligned with a number of "big country weighing equipment" model pictures taken from time to time bursts of praise. "With so many advanced weapons model, very shocked, we really feel a strong national strength and progress of science and technology.

"Clementi Secondary School Principals Carol Lai Fung-yee, said the PLA Hong Kong and the motherland is not only the guardian, but the defenders of world peace, let our country occupies an important position on the world stage, and hope everyone in Hong Kong can take a look at this particular meaningful exhibition in Nanjing massacre history pavilion, visitors mourn the victims compatriots, by silence, flowers and other electronic forms of mourning. during the visit, the presidents read the display boards, listened carefully to explain, and to make full use of the school exhibition Chen resources to carry out patriotic education a good plan. "this is my first contact with the PLA, by today’s flag-raising ceremony and exhibition, I personally feel the PLA is truly mighty and civilized. They are not only well-trained, well-equipped, it is the people’s army, Hong Kong people are very friendly and cordial. "Ho Man Tin Government Secondary School vice principal Shimei Fang told reporters, through the exhibition we learned more independent since the modern People’s Liberation Army and the country’s development and growth are closely linked, it has demonstrated a truth – a strong country to be stable, not aggression and bullying, our troops must be stronger together.

  "People’s Liberation Army for the country and the people quiet dedication and sacrifice, excluding gains and losses, this patriotism and education for our next generation of growth is very important." Shimei Fang said that Hong Kong young people to seize the moment, to enrich themselves, study hard, everyone countries have the opportunity to successfully taught contribution.

  To carry out exchanges and discussions – "Hong Kong primary and secondary education in patriotism Lide tree people Yucai country" theme After the visit, school principals and representatives of the Hong Kong Garrison officers and soldiers around. Military leaders and soldiers on behalf of Hong Kong, said, sincerely hope that you join hands principals and educators in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong-based joint forces to fight the Exhibition Center History of educating people, Lide tree people, who has become a trend of large schools to help more young people in Hong Kong strengthen national identity and sense of belonging, consciously import concentric patriotic and love Hong Kong, to join to serve the motherland, Hong Kong’s service trend of the times. Hennessy Road Government Primary School (Causeway Bay) president Laopei Shan and other representatives felt that the exhibition with related courses in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools with very, allowing teachers and students in a number of pictures, objects, models, scenes and movies to create a historical scene and experience the country and glorious history and achievements of the people’s Liberation Army, arouse patriotism, strengthen young people’s sense of national identity, it is a vivid patriotic education classroom. It is understood that, as of now, there are more than 180 batches of more than 8000 soldiers and Hong Kong garrison troops all walks of life visited the exhibition center in Hong Kong, visit the Garrison will further expand content, organizational conditions of knowledge lectures, dialogue heroic models, watching patriotic films, theatrical performances barracks and other diverse activities, invite representatives of Hong Kong students with good academic performance as a guest commentator exhibition Center, to carry out volunteer service, give full play to patriotism and national defense education function. (Editor: Wang Yu Heng, Liu Jie Yan) share to allow more people to see.