Beijing disease control has planned to plan to deal with Otcock

Original title: Beijing disease control has planned to plan the O’Kki variabted strain (Reporter Jiang Ruo Jing) Yesterday, the 24th Beijing Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Conference was held in Beijing.

As one of the 11 special activities, the Beijing Health and Health Committee and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Department jointly organized the high-rise seminars in Beijing Harbor Health and Health Cooperation with the theme of "Working together to build a healthy city".

This event is held in a combination of online lines, and set up a venue in Beijing and Hong Kong. The health and healthy high-level managers and experts in Beijing and Hong Kong explored the prevention and control of normalized new coronary pneumonia epidemic, shared the latest experience and information data of the anti-control and treatment of Beijing Port.

Beijing Youth Daily learned from the seminar, about the O’K tunnel strains found in South Africa, the Beijing Disease control department has planned to plan, once it appears, it can be quickly identified and taken in the first time. It is understood that the seminar focuses on new crown virus variants, especially the prevention and control strategy of Omicron mutinity, new crown vaccination schedule and smart medical and innovative technology applications, new crown virus variants Case treatment experience and other three aspects.

The Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, director of the Municipal Health and Health Committee of Lu Ming, Director of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Department of Health, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The health and healthy high-level managers, experts and experts in Beijing and Hong Kong participated. In the speech, Lu Ming said that health health special activities have become an indispensable part of the cooperation mechanism in Beijing and Hong Kong. It is the communication platform of both sanitary health policies and management, technical frontiers and technological innovations, talents Employment platform with technology.

Experts in Beijing, respectively, focus on the experience of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", focusing on advanced management concepts and innovative ideas, continuously promoting normalized epidemic prevention and control cooperation, for the Winter Olympics, China, preparation and normalization Control work is particularly important. Lin Wenjian retrospects the history of the cooperation between Beijing Port, indicating that the health and health cooperation between the two sides of the new gown is more important in the context of the persistence of the new coronal pneumonia, hopes to continue working with Beijing, and continuously deepen the expansion cooperation areas and content. Enhance the health of the people of the two places.

  At the seminar, Yang Peng, director of the Beijing Global Health Center Office, Beijing Global Health Center, brought the topic of the topic of "How to do a good job in the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia in Delta to O’K戎戎, Beijing", detailed introduction Beijing ‘s epidemic prevention and control experience. From the overall prevention and control strategy, how to prevent overseas and Beijing-foreign inputs, case reports and surveys, laboratory testing, case management, and secret tracking, high-risk population management, social prevention and control, O’K克 variability should be Yang Peng is explained in detail with the audience between Beijing and Hong Kong. O’K戎, O’K戎, who is more concerned, Yang Peng, existing information, the O’Ker variabted strain is the largest variant strain so far, some of which may be related to immune escape, maybe The increase in the risk of repeated infection is increased; and two mutations on the O’Kek variability may increase viral replication capabilities and infection capabilities, thereby increasing their infectivity.

Northern Youth Daily has learned that there is currently at least 38 countries and regions in the world. Yang Peng said that in the face of O’K戎, the Beijing Disease Control Department has planned to plan a good preparation.

In terms of detection, "We can detect the specifically variant locations of the O’Kek, if we really have this variability, and we can identify and take measures if this variability is true.

Yang Peng said.

  In terms of control measures, the early period of Beijing has also accumulated a large amount of epidemic prevention and control experience. Yang Peng said that no matter whether Delta, Otkiki is still other variants, Beijing has very strict measures, "from strictting overseas input, ’14 + 7 ‘isolation, various test methods, character is the same as defense measures, Go back to Jing 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative certificate, etc., there is a set of response systems.

The most important epidemic prevention and control is the first time to discover and control, do precise prevention and control, reduce the impact on the lives of people. "In addition, Chen Zhihai, deputy director of the Beijing Ditan Hospital Center, the Capital Medical University, made the theme presentation of" timely intervention, early blocking new crown pneumonia progress ", detailing the practice and experience of Patients in the Titan Hospital in the treatment of neoguanpi pneumonia. He mentioned Since the first case of 19 January 19, 202, as of December 5, 2021, Beijing Ditan Hospital had accumulated 871 cases of new coronal pneumonia confirmed the diagnosis, 196 cases of asymptomatic infection, totaling 1067 cases. (Editor: Bao Guoying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.