Taekwondo: new fitness options for women

Taekwondo: new fitness options for women

At present, Taekwondo first integrates fitness, weight loss, decompression, and self-defense in Beijing has become a hot topic in the fashion community. With good facilities, strict management and elegant style, the Taekwondo Club is favored by young people who value fashion and pay attention to quality of life.

  Taekwondo is a martial art that combines the three.

“Kick” is the skill of kicking and jumping with legs. “Fist” is the skill of defending, hitting, stabbing, and stabbing. “Dao” is spiritual cultivation.

Taekwondo advocates five major spirits: etiquette, shame, patience, self-denial, and unyielding.

  Taekwondo is a combination of soft, tough techniques and sharp, strong techniques, so it is a whole body exercise that exercises all parts of the body.

At the same time, accuracy, speed, power and control are also needed. Therefore, for girls, Taekwondo is just a technique with offensive ability, and it is also a beautiful physical art and an effective method of bodybuilding and weight loss.

  Taekwondo’s training program is quite consistent with aerobics.

For example, from the initial warm-up, stretching, to kick, straight kick, side kick to the final confrontation, etc., all are aerobic fat-consuming exercises.

  After 5-7 weeks of training, not only will you be able to master basic fighting techniques, but your body shape will also be pleasantly changed. The excess meat in your thighs and arms will be reduced, and your body will be more upright.

Because the strength of Taekwondo lies on the waist, the effect of thin waist is most obvious.