Changning, you have to do a "six-sided warrior"! Wang Wei secretary set hard core goals

Live · New Institute "Our overall goal is to create five years, let these projects can basically become reality." Wang Wei hopes, truly put "planning map" becomes "all have a good scenery, the corner meets small surprises" "Real map".

In the next five years, a large number of visible, the project that touches will be in Changning, covering all aspects of economic and social development. Promote Tianshan Road 680 Ground Block, a spinning mechanical plot, emergency 12 block, Nanheyuan and other hundred billion investment projects; promote the housing of the Outside Ruan Guanghong Road, Tianshan Road, Gujing Guiyang Road and other affordable rental housing Project, fully went to raise thousands of sets of housing; complete the cultural and sports projects such as Shanghai International Gymnastics Center, Cultural Building, Lushan Guan Road 445, Empty Sports Center; promote the international department of Shangli, Guanghua Hospital, China Minsheng projects such as the expansion and expansion of health care. Through the construction of a specific project, constantly build more competitive open cities, more creative wisdom, more attractive, more attractive people, accelerating the construction of the world Influential International Boutique City.

Realize the mutual achievements of people and the city, [Interview Eggs] Qin Chang: Your self-evaluation is a style "first-line total command"? Wang Wei: I am a "general command" that compares democracy. I hope to listen to everyone’s opinion, integrate everyone’s wisdom; but I am also a "nail spirit", pay close attention to the "general command", the mission has already Clearly furnished, the next step will be stared in place.

Qin Chang: When you work, the sound is always soft, smiles, do they buy it? Wang Wei: Cohesion and affinity are very important, I am very willing to hear that everyone has expressed their ideas, forming a consensus in the discussion, and then unifying the target into one direction.

Qin Chang: Get a new journey, facing a hard bones, will you not sleep anxious? Wang Wei: The overall sleep is quite good, but it does also have a big pressure, I also need to relieve it, for example, I will do yoga, or look at the book, look at the movie.